Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wisconsin State Criterium Championships

Racing in the Midwest is always a treat, whether it's with the men, or the women. Although the women's race was brief and to the point, there were 20 women on the line, including a couple of local stars good at sprinting. We formed a break of 5 of us pretty quickly, representing 3 teams back in the field, and two solo riders like myself. The break stayed away, and boiled down to 4 of us coming through the second to last corner side by side (we were all from different teams, and no one wanted to lead anyone else out). Two riders jumped, then I jumped, and the winning rider was on my wheel. She came around me, and the other two riders to win. Good Girl! I got 4th. Now I know which riders can sprint. I won some cash, and had fun! I cooled down, got some food in me, and a couple of hours later, did the Master's 30+ Men's race (60 min). The course was a little technical with corners, so I was loving it. I love corners!!! I finished with the field, and called it a great day of training at the races. Next week, racing with the big girls again......

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