Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh to Be in 6th Grade Again.......

I am subbing this year during my year away from the full gig as teacher. The other day, I subbed at the middle school where all of my 5th graders from last year, are now big 6th graders. When I was there, I received the usual: "Miss Green!!! Are you coming back to teach us again?" The questions are usually combined with hugs and tackles of some sort. There's something about being a P.E. teacher that brings out the 'tackle' in young people. So, anyway, I see a student who I know from last year, now a big 6th grader, and he's pretty excited to see me. But before I really get to greet him, he holds his hands up.......and shows me a little embarrassed, proud smirk.

J: "You know, I've got a girlfriend."
Miss Green: "Wow! Really?" Do you think she'll be mad at you for talking to your P.E. teacher from last year?
J: "Na...I can talk to you."
Miss Green: "Well where is she, can I meet her?"
J: "Na, not right now. We've been going out for a few weeks now, she's in class."
Miss Green: "So what kinds of stuff do you do together?"
J: "Aw nothing."
Miss Green: "Nothing?" Wow, it sounds pretty cool to have a girlfriend. Does everyone who's going out with someone do nothing with them?"
J: "C'mon Miss Green, you know what I mean?"
Miss Green: "No really, I'm curious, do you hang out, ride bikes together, go to the park? What kinds of stuff do you do?"
J: "Miss Green, you know all of this, you have a boyfriend!"
Miss Green: "Oh yea, you're right, I do know all of this...I'm sorry, I just thought it might be different for a 6th grader, but I guess not!!"

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Redlands Dream Team-Devon 23rd, Denise 36th, Karla 57th of 66 finishers!! Enjoy the show...

Mary-Ellen finishing Prologue

Denise motoring at the Sunset Road Race

Denise finishing the Prologue

Laurel finishing Prologue

Elis finishing Prologue

Kristen motoring in the Beaumont Circuit Race

Devon in the Criterium

Devon and Denise (far left of photo) at the front in the Beaumont Circuit Race

Kristen motoring in the criterium

Karla on Colavita's wheel in the criterium

Elis in the Beaumont Circuit Race

Elis and Mary-Ellen in the Beaumont Circuit Race