Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Personal Record on Mount Tamalpais-Stinson Beach, CA

The weather was great. The competition was inspiring. The mountain, of course, is awesome with 12 miles of terrain and 2000 feet of climbing. My legs felt a little tired from previous days training, but there I was, settling into a rhythm up the mountain, that felt like it was going to help me reach my goal of sub 52 minutes at the finish. I looked at my watch twice: Once at 30 minutes, when I thought to myself: 'I have 22 minutes to get to the finish.' Then, I looked again at 50 minutes, and kicked my bootie into high gear to finish in 51:51!! I was elated. What a great ride. I visualized it this way, then, during the race, I stayed true to believing I could make the goal, and there it was... I was officially 9th place out of 20 riders, because two people tied for 8th place. A great ride. Way better than that broken shoulder I had last year. Whew.....
Thanks for reading. Infineon races on Tuesday night...and Super Crit on September 27th.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Benicia with Wind and Rollers

Another criterium! Wahoo! Fixed distance, multiple laps, as per crit usual, 45 minutes, 18 women on the line. Windy on the backstretch over the rollers, and on the final stretch, and on the other stretches. Yup, simply windy. The field was pretty stacked with our local, darn near Pro, ValuAct gals, Cheerwine rep, Sarah Bamberger, Metromint, and a few others. The little digger and rollers on the back stretch reminded me of a Midwestern criterium. I loved the course! A few sketchy moments here and there, like any crit, and a few attempts to get away from the field...but the last lap was the best: I jumped pretty early and pretty hard over the second roller, and found myself uncomfortably at the front. I hesitated a bit, and folks came by me....'o.k., o.k.' I thought...get your bootie up there. There was still two turns before the finish and a good downhill stretch to the line. I finished 7th, .....close enough for government work. I held off a few riders. On to the Infineon raceway on Tuesday night, again.

My Buddy Sierra-She's 4, and Sharp as a Tack!!

I was so excited to get a call from Sierra's mom, asking me to hang out with Sierra last Friday night. I was welcomed with squealing and hiding, so I was on.
The first game we played was "hot lava". The carpet was lava, then it wasn't, then it was, then it wasn't. Once she was laughing hysterically at my confused "fearful of hot lava" frenzy, 'we' decided that the downstairs was lava, and the upstairs was not (I was working toward getting her into bed, you see). So, finally in the bedroom, getting jammies on, and getting ready....making the bed, just this way, and not that, according to Sierra. Then, bedtime stories. One story, then another, then, lights out, and we are getting very close to sleepy bye. Well, it all appeared that way.... I was lying on the floor, in the dark, next to her bed, chatting with her, as she fell asleep. I was about to enter dozeville, when the real dialogue began:
Sierra: "Are you awake?"
Me: "un-huh...." (I think I am, anyway).
Sierra: "Can you hear the crickets?"
Me: "Oh yea, they're loud."
Sierra: "They sound like baby birds."
Me: "Yea, you're right."
Sierra: "Did you know that baby birds walk sooner and talk sooner than people do?"
Me: "Wow, I guess I never knew that."
Sierra: "My mom and dad told me that."
Me: "Wow."
So, more tossing and turning in her little bed, and more, very near what appeared to be slumberland for her, I think,.....and for me too.......even though I was on the floor.
Then, out of the darkness, and the sound of crickets:
Sierra: "Does c-o-y spell sausage?"
Me: "I don't think so."
Sierra: "What does it spell?"
Me: "It spells coy".
Sierra: "Well, then how do you spell boy?"
Me: "b-o-y."
Sierra: "Oh"
And the next thing you know, she was fast asleep.
To all of the wonderful 4 year olds out there figuring out their world through play, and discussing it along the way! My best to you always.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Giro de San Francisco-Big Girls, Big Bumps, Big Field

The weather was beautiful, although very windy. There were, I think maybe 35-40 women on the line. A very strong group of Elite Amateur women who pretty much run the show when it comes to Northern California racing. There were potholes galore, and some uneven patches of pavement, forcing all of us to really handle our bikes. For the most part, I think we all did. The finish was about position, position, position. In order to be a contender, you have to get yourself forward before the last turn. I was not as far forward as I should have been, so I had to rely on my "sprint?" to get me by a few riders on the final stretch after the last turn. I ended up 12th place. I was pleased with this because I have not raced the Nor Cal Regional circuit in 2 years! It was great to be back. I feel lucky to be a part of such a talented female cycling community!
This week: Infineon raceway, for a little steep hill, and sweeping wide turns.