Friday, September 14, 2007

Benicia with Wind and Rollers

Another criterium! Wahoo! Fixed distance, multiple laps, as per crit usual, 45 minutes, 18 women on the line. Windy on the backstretch over the rollers, and on the final stretch, and on the other stretches. Yup, simply windy. The field was pretty stacked with our local, darn near Pro, ValuAct gals, Cheerwine rep, Sarah Bamberger, Metromint, and a few others. The little digger and rollers on the back stretch reminded me of a Midwestern criterium. I loved the course! A few sketchy moments here and there, like any crit, and a few attempts to get away from the field...but the last lap was the best: I jumped pretty early and pretty hard over the second roller, and found myself uncomfortably at the front. I hesitated a bit, and folks came by me....'o.k., o.k.' I thought...get your bootie up there. There was still two turns before the finish and a good downhill stretch to the line. I finished 7th, .....close enough for government work. I held off a few riders. On to the Infineon raceway on Tuesday night, again.

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