Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh to Be in 6th Grade Again.......

I am subbing this year during my year away from the full gig as teacher. The other day, I subbed at the middle school where all of my 5th graders from last year, are now big 6th graders. When I was there, I received the usual: "Miss Green!!! Are you coming back to teach us again?" The questions are usually combined with hugs and tackles of some sort. There's something about being a P.E. teacher that brings out the 'tackle' in young people. So, anyway, I see a student who I know from last year, now a big 6th grader, and he's pretty excited to see me. But before I really get to greet him, he holds his hands up.......and shows me a little embarrassed, proud smirk.

J: "You know, I've got a girlfriend."
Miss Green: "Wow! Really?" Do you think she'll be mad at you for talking to your P.E. teacher from last year?
J: "Na...I can talk to you."
Miss Green: "Well where is she, can I meet her?"
J: "Na, not right now. We've been going out for a few weeks now, she's in class."
Miss Green: "So what kinds of stuff do you do together?"
J: "Aw nothing."
Miss Green: "Nothing?" Wow, it sounds pretty cool to have a girlfriend. Does everyone who's going out with someone do nothing with them?"
J: "C'mon Miss Green, you know what I mean?"
Miss Green: "No really, I'm curious, do you hang out, ride bikes together, go to the park? What kinds of stuff do you do?"
J: "Miss Green, you know all of this, you have a boyfriend!"
Miss Green: "Oh yea, you're right, I do know all of this...I'm sorry, I just thought it might be different for a 6th grader, but I guess not!!"


Tall & Manley said...

Too funny! Reminds me of my students this quarter at SCU. I made some random comment about college freshman 'dating' and one said, "students don't date".

I forgot, it's the world of random drunken hook-ups.

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

That's cute. I remember those days of desperately wanting to have a boyfriend...who I would never talk to and never do anything with but who meant absolutely everything as far as the social world went.

Youth! :)