Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Final Four Women's Races of Superweek

I took a few days to recover (coach's orders) from the first weekend of Superweek racing. I was feeling my bum a bit from crashing on Saturday, so it turned out to be a good thing. All of these races had 40-50 women in them, and they were 30-35 mile criteriums.

THURSDAY (July 19)- I was back to the mix in Shorewood with some other fresh legs. I did not feel that great, so I mostly sat in the bike race. The course was super bumpy, and there were several attacks here and there. The back stretch was wide and safe, but it was not quite enough for me to move far enough forward on the last lap to be in the money, or in contention. Race over, stayed upright, kept half the pack at my back.

FRIDAY (July 20)-was a great course in Green Lake, Wisconsin (the deepest lake in Wisconsin). I loved the course. It had a little (big ring) digger hill on it, that took about 15 seconds to get up and over. There were some fast laps, and I burned a few more matches than I would have liked, in order to get a good finish, so, no stellar finish today either. But, one more race in my legs. I can feel them coming along. YES!!!

SATURDAY (July 21)- Carl Zach Memorial in Waukesha (in Memorial of a great Midwestern bike racer, and wonderful guy). First day racing without the Pros. It was still relatively fast, but for shorter stints than the pros can put out. I felt better today. I really liked the course. It was fast, and fun. Some good attacks, and a TON of prime laps (race within a race for one lap to get CASH). I got myself farther forward at the end of the race, and was able to get myself in the money for 16th place. I was happy....Still am...

SUNDAY (July 22)- New Superweek course in Evanston, Illinois. Great racing, great corners!! The race was fast, there were some fresh Chicago legs there. I felt better today than I have felt ALL season! I was in heaven racing today. I avoided a crash pretty early on, and was able to close the gap in front of me to stay in the bike race. I moved forward on the last lap, the sprint was LONG, so I just kept holding wheels in front of me, and going around them. A few riders went by me in the long sprint, I was nipped at the line by 11th place, and got 12th in the race. Felt great, look forward to more!

Now, more rest, and I will race with the guys later this week.

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Johnny Sprocket said...

Glad to hear things are going so well. Keep up the great work and hammer those dudes.

John M.