Monday, July 30, 2007

One of the Guys for a Few Days

These races were 35 mile criteriums (about an hour and 15 minutes of racing..)

Day 1 (Sheboygan, WI): Racing with the 40+ Master's Men at Superweek started with a small Midwestern monsoon, that soaked the field. The race started with a sprinkle, then, more and more...what seemed like puddles fell from the sky. I ended up using some good 'ol homegrown common sense after 15 minutes of racing in the rain with the guys. It was wet while I lasted, but I was glad I was not in there when some of those big guys started going down on the wet course. Whew!

Day 2 (Kenosha, WI): A little over 50 guys on the line, 2 women, sunny, breezy, great day for racing. I held my own, and finished in the field in 33rd place. Average speed was about 27 mph...not as fast as the Pro Women, but hey, I'm gettin' there.

Day 3 (Whitefish Bay, WI): 41 guys on the line, 2 women, sunny, breezy, perfect day for racing. Somewhat technical course with a couple of tight corners (which I love!). The group was smaller, and harder to hide in. I worked pretty hard when the group strung out in a single file line. But there I was in 28th place when the day was done. Great race, fast and hard, just like I remember!

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