Monday, July 16, 2007

Bensenville-Ahhh Much Better Bike Racing

Sunday was Bensenville (near Chicago). Again, about 40 women on the line. 40 laps. A few fresh legs that I did not see on Saturday. Course was somewhat technical with 6 corners instead of 4. The pace was much faster, and more steady (huge sigh of relief). I stayed farther forward (duh). But the course was also more conducive to a steady rhythm of racing. There were plenty of attacks. I brought one back to the field, which had gone up the road about 15 seconds or so. As a solo rider, it's a bit risky to do that. But I only did it once, then took my place back in the field as far forward as possible, but not at the keep myself in the fast part of the race. There are quite a few solo riders here this week! A few attempts to get away got reeled back in by the aggressive field. The South Bay Wheelmen's Women's Squad from Southern California has a good strong group of 4 women. With 4 laps to go, the pace increased. Whew. With 2 to go, we slowed up a Then, the Cheerwine Team formed as much of a train as they could with 2 riders, to bring up the pace for Kelly Benjamin, sprinter extraordinaire. Thank goodness! I stayed as far forward as I could. I stayed intact, and came around a few riders in the final sprint for 16th place. I was pleased. Thanks for reading.


Johnny Sprocket said...

Hey Dude-
Glad to hear the racing is going well. Try to stay upright and give 'em heck. Remember, if you're hurting, they are always hurting more.

John Mundelius

Wilhelmina said...

People should read this.