Monday, July 16, 2007

Blue Island-Blue Bottom First Race at Superweek

Hey All,
Saturday was the first race of Superweek (7 days of NRC racing with Pro 1/2 women, and 2 additional days of NON-NRC racing with Pro 1/2/3 women). Followed by another week of men's racing and Cat. 3/4 women's racing.
At Blue Island, Illinois (near Chicago) the course was about 1 mile, very non-technical, 40 laps. There were about 40 women who started. A few select Pros from Cheerwine and Aaron's, but mostly Elite Amateurs from around the USA. The race was not all that fast, which sometimes makes for sketchy fact there were a couple of dangerous slow-ups on the straightaways that caused havoc in the field. I was right in front of the first one, and missed it. With about 15 laps to go, I was right behind the second crash, and was merging left, merging left, applying the brakes, still rolling slowly right before the pile of bikes, that had gone down....and WHAM &@#^%&^!!! someone T-boned me from the side, and while rolling along slowly, I went down on my left B--- Cheek, and skidded on it. I got up, walked around a bit, to make sure nothing was too "off". I went to the wheel pit, got back in the race. The race sped up a bit after that, and I hovered about mid pack. I felt a little banged up, so was a bit hesitant to change my position too much. When it came down to the last lap, I just followed suit, and sat in the line. I was 22nd overall, and really glad I was o.k.

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