Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Winter Solstice

A time of more light. A time of renewal. The season shifts to Winter for real, according to the seasonal calendar. While we go about our busy lives, let's remember to wear the rain coat, hug the ones we love, have compassion for the ones we can't tell we love, and have a real life. Make it real. You know, shift it up, make a difference. For you, for them, for anyone.

I was hanging with some friends in a restaurant tonight. Their family had three children in it. The youngest was 6. All she wanted to do was put the leaves at the end of the table UP and DOWN, all night. She thought it was fascinating how she could lift the leaf up, then prop it up , then hold it up with these little sliders that pulled out from under the table. Putting those table leaves up and down was all she wanted to think about. So, when she was at the end of the table where I was....she got to put those leaves UP and DOWN. She would tell me exactly where to hold it with my finger, while she pulled the little sliders out. It was so fun. Her parents were getting a little worried that she was having too much fun, but we handled them... the sweet ones that they are.

Parents are some of the most incredible people on the planet. Bless them deeply. They were children once, and are back for more by having some. I love it.

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