Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's Your Favorite Food?

In order to learn 540 names, I come up with strategies. Today, I asked them to tell me about their favorite food. The top responses were pizza, enchiladas, tacos, and corn dogs. But, not surprisingly, and, as amazing as young people are, many of them love salad, fruit, chicken, broccoli (o.k. only one student so far), fish, lobster, squid, and a variety of other awesome healthy foods.

And the student whose name I will most certainly remember: Jack.

Jack's favorite food is nails. Yup. Plain nails.

He was very matter of fact about it.

1 comment:

Johnny GoFast said...

Jack's got a future as a cross racer 'cause crossers eat nails for breakfast. Sorry we didn't get to chat last night. Nice to see you at our meeting...spying. So now you know all of our secrets.