Monday, September 22, 2008

Cooperative Games

O.k. this week, it's a game called The River. They have to get all of their teammates across the river without anyone touching the 'water'. Even a shoelace, in the 'drink', forces the whole team back for a do-over. It's sort of like a bike race, you want everyone to cross the finish line in one piece. So, they put their heads together, to figure out how they will use their sticks, their rope, and their scooter to try to get each person on their team across the River (which is actually only about 8 feet across). It's sort of like a video game, they have to get across the river AND BACK in order to progress from Level 1 to Level 2. Level 2, they don't get to use their sticks anymore to 'paddle' with. Level 3, no rope. Level 4, 2 people at a time on the scooter, with the rope. Level 5, 2 people at a time on the scooter, no rope. Most students make it past Level 5, then Level 6 is 3 people at a time, with the sticks and the rope. This Level has the most laughs and people piles involved, but some teams figure out how to pass it. Children are Amazing, Amazing, Amazing.

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