Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Little Birdie Told Me..

That bike racing in hot weather is fun! Go do it! So I did. In the Napa Grand Prix, last weekend. Geesh, it was hot. A few women even melted into the pavement. The course was technical, short, and fast in some spots. I am not sure it was a favorite course of mine, but it met the needs of most of us on the day. I attacked a few times and was off the front a bit, but really it made no sense to overheat my little engine to get chased down. The field still had a few good riders in it when I made my moves, so nothing stuck. Overall, a good race. I started with 2 teammates and about 15 competitors. I ended with 8 competitors, and a 5th place. Sprint? I'll get right on that. My sprinter, Starla, was one of the women who melted, unfortunately. Before she melted she got herself a couple of primes. My superstar (soon to be Pro) teammate Alison, made a gutsy move into a very technical turn, and oooops....went down, not hard, but took some skin off of her incredible leg...poor girl. No more free laps. She got back in to help me at the finish, which was much appreciated. We won some cash, and prizes, and went away hungry for cooler weather. On to Cascade Cycling Classic, then to Superweek, followed by a visit to Auntie Emma in Colorado, then finally back to Cali. to get ready to take on the 4th and 5th graders again in the gym, as well as more California racing!! WAHOO! Please keep me posted about what you're up to. I love to hear about whatever all of you all are doing!!

Love, Laurel

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Tall & Manley said...

So have you experienced any velocitation lately?