Thursday, March 27, 2008

What about all that Bike Racing?

Bike racing has been a blast. The Merco weekend (March 1st and 2nd) was fun, fun, fun. Although Merco was a solo adventure for me, I had huge support from my teammates and director from the sidelines, which is always a bonus. I was pleased with an assertive performance on my part, and a field placement on both days of racing. A great weekend for me. The Cat. 3 Divas did a spectacular job cleaning up top ten placements in both the Merco Crit and the Merco Road Race.

The Berkeley Team Time Trial on March 9th was almost too much fun to be had on bikes. I did it with my teammate Alison, who also happens to be bionic. What does that word mean anyway? ..."having particular physiological functions augmented or replaced by electronic or electromechanical components." O.k., so she's not really bionic, but it sort of seems like it, because she goes so fast, so hard, and makes it all look so easy. Cheers to developing riders in this sport!! We need 'em, we want 'em,.... even if it makes us cringe when they ride so well.

What's next? Redlands. Redlands is a 4 day stage race April 3-6, in Redlands, CA. It's brutal, it's super competitive, and we have a composite team of 8 riders sporting Dolce Vita colors entered in this classic. We have a stellar host housing situation, and look to be well thought about well before we are even in Southern California. We all look very forward to whatever the event brings us in terms of challenge, racing, team-work, and overall experience on the bike!!

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velogirl said...

awesome photo, Laurel. it looks like you're back with a vengence this season -- yay! good luck to you & the divas at redlands.