Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson Memorial Ride

What an incredible experience. Many thanks to all who had to push the depths of grief aside to make such a moving event happen with the Memorial Ride. I am not really a crowd counter, but I would say there were at least 800 people in attendance. Third Pillar and Roaring Mouse, great gratitude in your direction for the way the ride was handled and organized. Webcor, beautiful support of the entire ride. Thank you.

Many thanks to the families of Kristy and Matt for helping make such wonderful people out of Kristy and Matt. Much love to you during this time.

And to every person in attendance out there, thanks for showing up, and blessing the rich lives of Matt and Kristy. It all makes a difference. Every ounce of affection in their direction and in the direction of their close ones, makes a big difference.

I hope we can all look to one another as time moves forward, the same way we all looked at each other on this ride.... With respect that we all feel the same things.

My best to all who were deeply touched by Matt and Kristy.

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