Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fast February!!!

Hey There!
Well, there's been some racin' goin' on. It's fast, and these women in Cali are smokin'! I feel honored to get on the line with them. Highlight #1 from the Amgen Women's criterium happened on the starting line, when Amber Rais tossed a look over, and threw her big 'ol smile at me with a "Hi Laurel!" Highlight #2 was staying upright, and finishing the race. Highlight #3 was seeing my solo sisters out there, Kristen Meshberg from Flatlandia in Chicago, and Trish Bell from Morgan Stanley. The Los Gatos Girls....the Nor Cal women..., everyone was represented. Vanderkitten raced well, Cheerwine was all that and a bag 'o chips. Tibco did it... anyway, no matter what happened anywhere before the finish. Team High Road, great work with Emila. Aaron's, Colavita (Kori and Nikki RAH!!!), ValuAct were all solid, Proman...whoa. Very good bunch we have here! I think we are in for a great season. Thanks to my awesome teammates for coming out to cheer!

Onward ho, next stop, Merco. March 1 and 2.

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bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

Fast is right!!

Great job out there :).