Monday, December 31, 2007

THE TOP TEN (or twenty), ....THINGS I LOVED ABOUT 2007!


Anita Bear-Steadfast in Friendship, Life, and Parenting

Is there really a duck to shoot?

Children are worthy of every speck of loving attention we have for them.

Not necessarily in this order, but these were the TOPS.

1) Racing in Wisconsin.
2) My best bud, Anita Bear.
3) Coaching, Coaching, Coaching, and more Coaching.
4) Racing for Team Mack Paper Company. Thanks Gary, Sharmin, and Fleck! You are the best!
5) Living the good life with my twin brother.
6) Hanging out with young people on bikes!
7) Dancing in Vegas with two of the best people on the planet!
8) Hanging out and traveling with Sweet John.
9) Frank and 2 Wheel Racing Team
10) Riding with Dolce Divas
11) Winning $400 in a bike race.
12) Adam
13) D.J. Wright
14) The people I met at Shawn's Cycling clinic.
15) Playing Foot Fish with Max and Grant
16) Hanging out with Ryan
17) Shooting the duck at Martina's birthday party
18) Rick B.

YOU JUST LET ME KNOW, if there's something I am missing here!

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