Sunday, December 30, 2007

SUNSHINE makes the world go round......and my pedals, and my wheels, and my legs......

I could have stayed inside to cuddle.

But.............I didn't.

This time of year, when the sun is out in Way West County, and it's 53 degrees,.....and it's been raining, and the ground is cold, and the trees are wet, and the shade is's not really all that warm. When the air is moving along, up your nose, through your helmet, and in all the little spaces in your kit, it's not 53 degrees. Is this rocket science?

The air is moist.... As the body gets more moist, and the clothing being worn gets moist, that moisture starts to match the temperature of the air which is breezing at you, a pretty good clip, even on a low key ride. So, the moral of the story: Base, Base, Base, Baby. The base layer is what you build on to make the intensity more handle-able (sounds like a talk on periodization) ....of course I am referring to the intensity of the cold moist clothing you are wearing as you roll along. Isn't this obvious to most? Of course, but hey, some folks aren't most. I recently had to make just these points to someone who I know. This particular person lives and rides near SNOW!! That's why it's good to make these points! What a glorious sunshiny day it was today.

What did you do today?

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