Sunday, August 10, 2008

Carrera De San Rafael-Finally a 1 hour Crit in Nor Cal!

There were about 40 women on the line. Some big local guns like Shelley Olds, and Sarah Bamberger. The course, a breakaway course. Gradual hill all the way up the start/finish stretch, down, down, down gradually, on the backside of the course, to the technical last corner. Excellent course. It was strung out single file for awhile, attack, attack, attack, until the winning break separated with none other than my super star teammate, Starla! I worked on blocking for her with the other teammates of riders represented in the break. Pro Man squeezed a couple more riders out of the field to bridge across to the break...Grrr...but, nice work Helene Drumm. Starla ended up 7th and I was 18th. Way to go Starla!! I was very happy with our efforts!

Onward ho!!

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