Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tiny moments that bring laughter.....

So, I was JRA (just riding along) the bike path yesterday, and came upon a family. The parents were walking arm-in-arm, and the roughly 13-year-old was tooling along at walking speed on his BMX bike, helmet straps flying in the breeze. I approached them from behind, saying, "On your left." The boy looks directly at me, in the eyes, and says, "Pop a Wheelie!!" I laughed out loud, and actually considered trying it. But, since I have never done one, I thought twice...but it sure made me laugh. And, you know the cool thing about young people, even if they are smarting off, is that they do expect more of adults than they are displaying in any moment. Just reflect on any button you have ever had pushed by a young one. Have a great day.

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