Wednesday, May 30, 2007


When school is almost out, the days seem like weeks, and the weeks seem like months. But the minute that bell rings on the last day of school, it feels as though it all started just yesterday. I love my job as a teacher. I also love bike racing. Next year, I will take a leave of absence from my teaching job to raise money, train, and race full time. One of my students said to me today, after I told them about my dreams to pursue my potential as a bike racer, "Miss Green, can't you ride your bike after school?" I said, "Yes, I can, and I do! But I want to ride my bike before school, during school, and after school!"

I will be coaching, doing cycling clinics, and substitute teaching in order to make a few ends meet.

If you are interested in holding a cycling clinic for your neighborhood children, or know someone who needs a coach, let me know, and, please send them my way!

Off to do more grading!!!

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